19 de março de 2009

Verne Langdon - The Phantom of the Organ - The Vampyre at the Harpsichord (2000)

Original Release Date: April 11, 2000
Label: The Orchard
Style: Instrumental

Note: Creepy pipe organ and eerie Harpsichord by the
undead duo of depressing dirges. The Grand-daddy of
ALL horror music!
Two albums on one CD!

01. Horror of Erik
02. Depression
03. Symphony of Death
04. Dementia Macabre
05. Devils Love
06. Sound trip Through the Catacombs
07. Echos of the Organ
08. Nocturnal Quest
09. Ode to the Tomb
10. Eternal Life Suite
11. Carnival of Souls
12. Flight of the Vampyre
13. Moonspell (trance)
14. Undead Theme
15. Waltz of the Ghouls


2 comentários:

siys disse...

Thank you for this great album!

Track "06. Sound trip Through the Catacombs" is missing. Any chance of re-uploading with the missing track?

Thank you!

Anônimo disse...

Yes....thanks, but Track 6 is MISSING. Please provide it!

Great! Never thought I'd get to hear these two Langdon recordings after seeing them advertised in Famous Monsters for so many years...but I hope these links stay up (and it seems to be ripped from the CD release, too), because Verne is really particular about his stuff being shared freely when he offers them on his website from his master tapes (now on CD, of course). People have been made to remove his stuff from their blogs before (just to let you know about this, by the way).