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"Forever there will be the speculation that the exploration of darkness as a beautiful place will lessen our fear of it all, ease the pain a little..."
Attrition, from Coventry, England, began in the early 1980s with founder Martin Bowes. This group has garnered a loyal following because of their ability to merge the electronic, darkwave and classical forms into something their own.
Attrition's sound is strongly based on contrasts. There are gothic tracks that incorporate violas, ethereal tracks that contain Martin's gritty vocals, and danceable electro pieces that use orchestral arrangements. Recent tracks have even brought in a member of the Paris opera, Franck Dematteis, giving the music yet another unusual twist.

"Attrition have always been a nexus of industrial fury, gothic drama, ambient structural finesse and classical chamber orchestrations. Stunning in scope, character and intellect, Martin Bowes has been a paragon of true creative prowess, holding in two hands the past and future of music, and smashing them together with a calculated and charismatic menace. Bowes builds his dark industrial music with all the compassion and attention to detail of a classical musician..." Electroage.

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Death House (????)
Fear / Devoid (1982)
Action And Reaction (1983)
Deux Demo's (1983)
Onslaught (1983)
Split (1983)
Ocвoбoждeниe (1984)
The Attrition Of Reason (1984)
The Voice Of God (1984)
Shrinkwrap / Pendulum Turns (1985)
Smiling, At The Hypogonder Club (1985)
The Terminal Kaleidoscope (1985)
In The Realm Of The Hungry Ghosts (19860
Death House (1987)
Take Five (1987)
At The Fiftieth Gate (1988)
Haydn (Remix) (1988)
Haydn (1989)
The Attrition Of Reason (1989)
Turn To Gold (1989)
Recollection 84-89 (1990)
A Tricky Business (1991)
Thin Red Line (1991)
Something In My Eye (1992)
Lip Sync (1993)
Split (1993)
A Tricky Business (1994)
Smiling, At The Hypogonder Club (1994)
The Attrition Of Reason (1994)
The Attrition Of Reason / In The Realm Of The Hungry Ghosts (2xCD) 1994)
The Hidden Agenda (1994)
3 Arms And A Dead Cert (1995)
Ephemera (1995)
In The Realm Of The Hungry Ghosts (1995)
History (1996)
...This Death House (1997)
3 Arms & A Dead Cert (1997)
At The Fiftieth Gate (1997)
Étude (1997)
The Eternity EP (1997)
At The Fiftieth Gate (1998)
The Jeopardy Maze (1998)
Kissing A Virtual Angel (1999)
Esoteria (1982-1999) (2000)
Heretic Angels (2000)
Red Letter / Kharb (2000)
The Hand That Feeds (2000)
The Hand That Feeds (The Remixes) (2000)
Ephemera (Incidental Musics Volume II) (2001)
Keepsakes And Reflections (2001)
The Hidden Agenda (2001)
The Eternity LP (2002)
Action And Reaction (2003)
Dante's Kitchen (2004)
Dante's Kitchen (Rascal & Klone Remixes) (2004)
The Terminal Kaleidoscope (2005)
Dante's Kitchen (2006)
Something Stirs (2006)
Tearing Arms From Deities : 1980 - 2005 (2006)
3 Arms & A Dead Cert (2007)
A Tricky Business (2007)
Action And Reaction (2007)
At The Fiftieth Gate (2007)
Etude (2007)
In The Realm Of The Hungry Ghosts 1958 - 1961 - 1965 (2007)
The Attrition Of Reason (2007)
The Eternity LP (2007)
This Death House (2007)
All Mine Enemys Whispers - The Story Of Mary Ann Cotton (2008)
Smiling, At The Hypogonder Club (2008)
The Jeopardy Maze (2008)

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Attrition - Beast of Burden

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